Graham Engineering Ltd.

Founded in May 1970 with one employee, GEL now employs more than 180 employees. A consistent policy of investment in the latest technology has been key to GEL's continued success. GEL's newest acquisitions include robot technology, multi-axis laser cutting/welding machines and new high speed machining.

Increasing headcount and capital investment has meant GEL has rapidly grown at its original site. Much foresight and early investment has ensured GEL has continued to expand its operations in line with increasing customer demands whilst ensuring minimum production disruption. Expansion through site development and acquisition means GEL continues to deliver unprecedented quality and service from its soon to be 398,000 square feet, Nelson site, thus making GEL one of the county's major employers.

GEL's expertise and 'preferred supplier' status also extends into other world-wide precision engineering industries and GEL's portfolio includes sole supply agreements with multinational companies, whilst still servicing local needs.

Site Plan

GEL can accommodate a full range of new product development services and can offer a multitude of engineering processes and skills, from:

  • Concept through to design for manufacture
  • Machining (3D)
  • Laser profiling (3D and welding robotics)
  • Large deep drawn pressing, forming, fabricating (a variety of welding processes)
  • Surface treatment (Vaqua blasting) and polishing
  • CMM inspection
  • Full manufacture and final assembly

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