Cutting Edge Technology

GEL has been actively involved in the aerospace industry since the early 1970's, and through continuous investment in the latest technology GEL maintains its position as a key market leader.

At any given moment around 400,000 people are flying in aircrafts powered by our aero-engine manufacturer, with aircraft taking off and landing every 2.5 seconds.

As the next generation of aerospace engines evolve, the importance of composite and titanium technology cannot be underestimated. It will be a game-changer for aerospace and UK manufacturing with an impact on a global scale. It is at the forefront of cutting-edge engines which will transform flight, setting new benchmarks in efficiency, environmental performance and precision engineering.

GEL’s ongoing Laser Suite investment for the profiling and welding of stainless steels and exotic metals has revolutionized our manufacturing processes, increasing consistency and accuracy whilst eliminating waste and cost. Working in strategic partnership with a leading blue-chip aero engine manufacturer means GEL is integral to the prototyping of new types of fan blades.

To further increase safety and reliability Blade manufacture is now so accurate it’s within a 10 micron tolerance. The process demands precision and consistency. At GEL collaboration with customers and development on these techniques is continuous, actively progressing leading edge and trailing edge fan blade technology.

We are so committed to this project that we’ve built our own clean room to replicate our customer’s plant rooms to assist these emerging technology programmes.