As an innovative advanced manufacturing business partner, Graham Engineering Limited (GEL) deliver high integrity manufacturing solutions to a wide variety of market sectors including; Nuclear, Aerospace, Medical and Security.

GEL specialise in producing ‘nuclear product’ and ‘hazardous waste’ containers across the NDA Estate. A suite of some 28 types of container including WVP Flasks, MBGW Boxes, 500L ILW drums, UO3 drums, and TPFL packages, HFC boxes and store furniture (i.e. stillage’s and MBGW stools). Most of the UK 3m3 ILW Boxes have been developed at GEL along with all the 500L ILW drums. The HLW WVP Flasks have been a single source supply from GEL for nearly 40 years.

For Aerospace, our expertise is applied to various projects developing techniques that GEL currently use to manufacture vital component parts for the ‘Wide Chord Fan Blade’.

GEL work closely with Kidde Graviner to meet the requirements for fire suppression systems for MOD Combat Aircraft and Land Warfare vehicles.

In addition GEL work collaboratively with the Medical and Security industries, developing their technology. We are a research base for advanced manufacturing technology and regularly have teams from Universities on site conducting their trials using our 3D Robotic Laser Welding facility and the expertise of our welding engineers.

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